5:2 Fast Diet Formula-Fasting to Lose Weight Pill

Everybody looking for the best way and Fasting to Lose Weight Pill. Now i want to introduce brand new product to lose weight : 5:2 Fast Diet Formula - Dedicated Fasting Supplement.The Fast Diet, Intermittent Fasting, The 5:2. Whatever you prefer to call it, there’s no denying that what the Daily Mail has called “The biggest diet revolution since Atkins” seems to be the diet on everyone’s lips.

What is 5:2 Fast Diet?

Fasting to Lose Weight PillIf you are someone who has tried and failed to lose weight, or you’ve shed extra pounds, only to pile them back on again – this is the diet for you.

The 5:2 Day Diet is a brand new, research-based approach to weight loss. This is a simple diet where you will fast for two days per week followed by eating as normal for the additional five. As well as the obvious reason for choosing to diet you can improve your health significantly by cutting risks of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers.

If someone has tried and failed to lose excess weight or shed the pounds only to pile them back on again, then the 5:2 Fast Diet would be the answer to this recurring common issue. This revolutionary diet teaches how hunger feels and what a normal serving looks like. You will learn to eat more slowly, appreciate smaller amounts and really enjoy your food on both the two restricted days and the five unrestricted days. You will rediscover how much food you actually need. The diet has been designed to follow two restricted days out of seven which will help you to identify what triggers you to over-eat at times. This system shall also lead you away from unhelpful and possibly harmful patterns of eating.

fasting to lose weightMuscle does in-fact target fat and good diets preserve the muscle whilst targeting fat. Even when muscle is resting it will carry on working at burning calories. This proven theory turns the conventional dieting methods completely on its head, offering an alternative approach to losing weight, the 5:2 diet is easy to follow, allowing you to escape the mundane regime of a seven day a week diet – which will ultimately be abandoned due to eventually losing the will along with constantly thinking about what can and can’t be eaten, being perpetually aware that you are on a DIET which is doomed to fail.

It is recommended that on the five normal eating days of the week, a healthier approach should be taken towards the food that is eaten although this will occur naturally as you will become conscious of what your body needs in terms of a more nutritionally balanced diet will ensure all essential vitamins, minerals and protein requirements are met.


dr alfredDr. Alfred Hasselbacher: “I wanted people to be able to enjoy the benefits of fasting without really feeling like they are fasting.

By developing the 5:2 Fast Formula people will be able to fast without hunger pangs and feeling tired.

Everybody should be able to enjoy the health benefits of fasting without feeling like they’re starving themselves, the benefits are too great.”

GERMANY’S LEADING DOCTOR Dr. Alfred, a professor of medicine was the leading doctor in 5:2 Fast Formula’s development

One of the main reasons Dr. Alfred decided to look into a supplement for the 5:2 diet is that he knew the health benefits of fasting were too important for people to miss out on.

He wanted people to be able to get all of these benefits but not have to go through the terrible hunger that most people get on fasting days.

He wanted everyone to enjoy the health benefits without having to do the hard work; that is when he started developing the 5:2 Fast Formula.

In case you didn’t know or you’re new to the 5:2 diet; here is a list of the benefits of fasting:


Doctors have developed 5:2 Fast Formula to help 5:2 dieters

As the results show, many people were struggling with their high hunger and low energy levels on fasting days when doing the 5:2 diet.

They also found that on fasting days dieters were losing essential nutrients and minerals that could be the reason for most dips in energy.

After this data was analysed they decided to work on a product that would be able to help 5:2 dieters as fasting has many health benefits other than weight loss.

This is when the 5:2 Fast Formula was developed; it suppresses appetite, increases energy levels and replaces nutrients and minerals lost when fasting in the body.

This significantly increases your chances of being successful whilst following the 5:2 Diet and reaching your ideal target weight.


The 5:2 Fast Formula is a powerhouse of natural ingredients designed to make you feel full and to replenish lost nutrients and minerals lost by fasting. The core ingredient to the formula is Konjac extract.

Konjac slows the absorption of sugar and cholesterol from the digestive tract, helping to control sugar levels. Konjac delays gastric emptying and slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream, which helps to lower levels of insulin & blood glucose.

fasting diet plan testimonialHunger pangs only last for a short period and with this diet, you will learn that hunger, is only a fleeting feeling and can soon be supressed with a drink of water, green tea or coffee. Within no time it will just get easier and easier. With 5:2, a quarter of the recommended daily intake of calories is required. For men this is usually around 600 calories and for women around 500 calories. It will become clear that rather than being on another fad diet this will be referred to as a lifestyle change.

To break this down in laymen’s terms, the 5:2 Diet is basically consuming no more than 500/600 calories twice per week, which is not technically fasting. The calorie intake can be split into two or three very low calorie meals or, taken altogether as one larger meal. The additional 5 days should be followed as a normal lifestyle, although keeping to a healthy, nutritious balanced diet is always going to be highly recommended.

Purchase any 5:2 Fast Formula product with confidence, knowing that it’s backed with a no risk, no hassle 60-day money back guarantee.

If you want to take advantage of our Special Savings by ordering multiple containers you can still try the product absolutely RISK-FREE for 67 days!

This guarantee includes all 5:2 Fast Formula products including the meal replacement shakes.

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